10 Movies About Adoption No. 2: Punky Brewster

No, this isn’t a movie, but you probably remember this show from the ’80s, about an orphaned girl with mismatched socks and her dog Brandon who were adopted by the old, grouchy, set-in-his-ways Henry Warnimont. Punky Brewster’s mom ditched her in a grocery store. The eight-year-old was suddenly and unexpectadly abandoned with no one butContinue reading “10 Movies About Adoption No. 2: Punky Brewster”

10 Movies About Adoption No. 1: 101 Dalmatians

It’s very likely that we will be adopting our foster daughter soon, unless something unexpected comes up. So Sarabeth and I are now shifting our focus from Baby A. being in our house for a short time to her being our permanent daughter. And that means that one day, we’ll be explaining to her that sheContinue reading “10 Movies About Adoption No. 1: 101 Dalmatians”

Why You Should be Glad When You Have No Reason to Be

We’ve been extremely fortunate in our foster-to-adopt situation with Baby A. More fortunate than most people. In a few weeks the State will change Baby A’s permanency goal from reunification with her birth parents to adoption. We’re hoping Baby A will officially be a Toy by Christmas, which is feasible as long as there are noContinue reading “Why You Should be Glad When You Have No Reason to Be”

The Ultimate Man’s Man

I don’t know where they originated from or who had the idea to start them, but I love those Chuck Norris jokes. Here’s a few of my favorites for your enjoyment: Chuck Norris threw a grenade and killed 50 people, then it exploded. When Chuck Norris crosses the steet the cars have to look bothContinue reading “The Ultimate Man’s Man”

What Christians Fear Most

Sometimes I feel like a monster. Not when I lose my temper. When that happens, I’m just being a typical fallen human – my old fleshly self. But sometimes I feel like a monster from Monstropolis. You know, the ones from Monsters Inc. who are afraid of children. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But we’re not much brighter.Continue reading “What Christians Fear Most”