She’s Not a James, But…

I’ve been married for five years, and I just fell in love again. You’re probably aware that Sarabeth and I have been in the process of becoming foster-to-adopt parents. We’ve been longing for a child all these years. Well, we finally got a call last week for a little girl born a month-and-a-half early. SoContinue reading “She’s Not a James, But…”

My Grouchy Morning

It’s our tradition to have the news on in the mornings while eating breakfast. Sometimes I must not get enough sleep, or I’m just a grouch. This morning was especially bad, as I made one sarcastic comment after another about the world news and the people that are screwing everything up. Sarabeth doesn’t appreciate theseContinue reading “My Grouchy Morning”


“Did you know about this?” Sarabeth asked me yesterday as she held out the iPad to me. I read the headline: “Philip Seymour Hoffman, Oscar-Winning Actor, Dead at 46.”  “What?!” I said. I read that he had overdosed on heroine, then I cursed. People aren’t calling him this generation’s greatest actor out of pity for hisContinue reading “Disappointment”

The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard Part II

We’ve all heard “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Away in a Manger” a billion times. But have you heard these? Click here for Part I of this list, and check out the reader’s contributions in the comments as well. “Tender Tennessee Christmas” by Amy Grant – This song might not be that uncommon asContinue reading “The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard Part II”

The Silver Coins – A Parable

Once there lived a father and a son. The father loved his son very much as did the son love his father. One day the father said to his son, “You’re old enough now to perform a chore for me. I want you to take this silver coin, travel across the country and deliver itContinue reading “The Silver Coins – A Parable”