Which Came First, the Ant or the Bug?

You remember back toward the end of the century it seemed all the movie companies were copying each other? It was Dante’s Peak vs. Volcano, Armageddon vs. Deep Impact,and perhaps the biggest showdown of all was DreamWorks’ Antz vs. Disney/Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. I don’t know the story behind what went on with the volcano and the astroid movies (although I can say that Armageddon isContinue reading “Which Came First, the Ant or the Bug?”

2015 Movies That Will Likely Kick Butt

A friend of mine mentioned that we need to take advantage of $5 movie nights more often, so that got me wondering what all’s coming out next year. Here’s a list of 2015 movies I’m super excited about and will gladly spend $5 or more to see in theaters. These are listed in order of release. (ClickContinue reading “2015 Movies That Will Likely Kick Butt”

Let’s Talk Dinos!

Last night I talked poor Sarabeth’s ear off about all the exciting dinosaur movies coming out next year. The world of movies as we knew it changed forever in 1993 when Steven Spielberg released Jurassic Park.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard the words “Jurassic Park.” I was in the third grade, and myContinue reading “Let’s Talk Dinos!”

Animated Movies as Good as Pixar Movies

It doesn’t take much browsing on my blog to figure out that I’m a devout Pixar enthusiast (Disney included). But there are some movies made by competitors that come awfully close, if not hit right on target, to Pixar’s standards of excellence. Here are my favorite non-Pixar/Disney animated movies that you’re sure to have a goodContinue reading “Animated Movies as Good as Pixar Movies”

Baby A. and Up

In The Art of Up, Tim Hauser makes this thought-provoking observation: Taken as a whole, Pixar’s films can be viewed as serialized chapters in a single life: from sibling rivalry, early attachment (Toy Story), and socialization (A Bug’s Life), to maturation (Monter’s Inc.), separation, and parenthood (Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo); from protecting the nuclear family (The Incredibles), shiftingContinue reading “Baby A. and Up”

Hollywood Dachshunds

In our five-and-a-half years of marriage, Sarabeth and I have had four dachshunds living with us, so it goes without saying that we are dachshund lovers through and through. As such, it’s fun to find our favorite breed featured in some of our favorite movies. Here’s a few examples of dachshund cameos we’ve found. SeeContinue reading “Hollywood Dachshunds”