I Hope You’re Not Like These Kids

The sun came out only once – every seven years, for just one day. Margot was the only girl in the class who had seen the sun once, when she was barely old enough to remember it. But no one believed her when she tried to describe it. So they tossed her into the closetContinue reading “I Hope You’re Not Like These Kids”

A Sect of Supers Blending In?

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve sort of been composing a Pixar theme around my most recent movie discussions. You can check out Finding Nemo hereĀ and Monsters Inc. here. It’s for no other reason than building anticipation for Disney/Pixar’s newest movie Brave, coming out July 22, and I’m just going mad waiting for it. PoorContinue reading “A Sect of Supers Blending In?”