Why Pixar is Superior

It’s almost impossible to turn a corner in the street or flip through the TV and not see an ad for Disney/Pixar’s newest movie, Monsters University, which comes out this week. Sarabeth and I don’t go to the theaters often, but every summer we make an exception to hit the newest Pixar movie. This Saturday, for us, willContinue reading “Why Pixar is Superior”

Office Romance

Alright, I promise this is my last post about The Office for a while. But everyone, whether you’re a fan of the show or not needs to read this. You’ll remember a post I did for Valentine’s day this year about true love at the movies. Among the few that made the list, Pam and Jim HalpertContinue reading “Office Romance”

“There’s a Lot of Beauty in Ordinary Things”

Waking up. Morning routines. Commute. Coffee breaks. Homework. These are all ordinary things. None of which will ever be the topic of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. We all have ordinary routines strung throughout our days. And more often than not, they can grow redundant, monotonous, and just plain boring. That’s why a lot of usContinue reading ““There’s a Lot of Beauty in Ordinary Things””

Casting Stones

I was driving to work yesterday, just a regular 80’s-music-induced drive. I drove the usual speed limit, dealt with the usual traffic not knowing how to merge, and then it happened. I was singing along with the Cranberries (don’t judge), and I actually saw the white pebble slip out from under the truck in frontContinue reading “Casting Stones”

Doors, Dogs, and Doubt

So it has finally begun. I realize I’ve been quiet on the topic of our adoption journey since I’ve first started this blog early last year. Well, with our classes out of the way (not much to blog about there), the paper work filled out (most of if), and house made as child-proof as canContinue reading “Doors, Dogs, and Doubt”

The Loss of Innocence

A few weeks back, Sarabeth and I attended our first Andrew Peterson concert – one of the better concerts I’d ever attended. During it, he told the story of his son whom he found crying in his bed. When asked what was the matter, his son responded by holding out a book toward his father.Continue reading “The Loss of Innocence”

A Brilliant and All-American Documentary

It’s snowing outside the coffee shop right now as I write this. March is just struggling to hang in there, and determined to go out leaving a legacy of the coldest March Louisville has seen in quite some time. (And yet, I still slurp on my ice-cold frappuccino because I couldn’t do a hot drink evenContinue reading “A Brilliant and All-American Documentary”