This Thanksgiving There Will Be Blood

This Thanksgiving falls sixteen days after the presidential nomination. Some rejoice the results while others bemoan the abomination.   Verbal shots will be taken and friends will fall prey to the slander and abuse that will take place on this day.   No longer will just the blood of turkeys be spilled but those of our family and friendsContinue reading “This Thanksgiving There Will Be Blood”

Let’s Be Honest About “Cars”

I don’t need to open my mouth even a little for you to know that I’m a ginormous Pixar fanatic. Everyone is a Pixar fan, but I’m a fa-na-tic. If my wife would let me, I’d decorate the house in full-sized Pixar posters. With frames. Backlit. Most people knew that Pixar was making a third installmentContinue reading “Let’s Be Honest About “Cars””

Is It Worth Being a Conformist?

When did we start to conform? I’ve been trying to rally local foster parents to bring change to the foster program, but the response is usually, “It is what it is.” “There are laws in place for a reason.” “It’ll never change.” (All this despite a poll I did where basically everyone polled was unhappyContinue reading “Is It Worth Being a Conformist?”

What My Three Favorite Movies Have in Common

Pixar and Disney movies aside, I have three ultimate favorite movies that I can’t ever get enough of and they all have one thing in common. Aside from the fact that they’re all based on true stories and were nominated for best picture (one won), there’s an underlying theme that drives stubborn dreamers like me backContinue reading “What My Three Favorite Movies Have in Common”

Why Our Playground-Parenting Would Likely Tick You Off

Our oldest kids are about to turn two and three. With the weather being on its last stitch of niceness here in Louisville, Sarabeth and I decided to take them for one last hurrah at one of our neighborhood playgrounds. Our oldest, Kat, is extremely agile and surprisingly skilled. Like, more coordinated than I wasContinue reading “Why Our Playground-Parenting Would Likely Tick You Off”

This Post Breaks All the Rules

Socially speaking, I’m not allowed to write this post. Even the business world would frown on me. Because we’re supposed to only present our best selves, right? And as a business owner, I’m supposed to give the impression that I’ve got it all under control. To a degree, these are good rules. Personally, I don’tContinue reading “This Post Breaks All the Rules”