Editing and Critique Services Being Offered

All authors are gods in their own eyes. We think our work is the greatest thing produced under the sun, until someone comes around and points out the many flaws in our “flawless” work. Hopefully you’re not like me and require multiple people pointing out your flaws until you finally swallow the bitter pill of humilityContinue reading “Editing and Critique Services Being Offered”

Writers, Here’s How to Submit Your Manuscript

Hello writers. It was brought to my attention recently that I failed to put the link to my publishing company’s site so you can submit your manuscripts for us to consider for publication. I’m sorry about that. Here’s what you do: Go to Endever Blog Go to the link at the top that says, “HowContinue reading “Writers, Here’s How to Submit Your Manuscript”

Authors, Send in Your Submissions!

My publishing studio has just opened up for more submissions. Check out Endever’s blog and peruse through the new menu options at the top. There, you’ll find an expansion on our mission and method, updated personal bios on me and my colleague Lynn, detailed information on how to submit, and a snippet of of ourContinue reading “Authors, Send in Your Submissions!”

Meet Contestant 3: Eric Dill

Now it’s time to meet Contestant 3, Eric Dill. After reading his short bio, head over to Endever’s Facebook page to vote for your favorite contestant. Remember, please vote only once, or else your votes will be disqualified and not counted.  Eric Dill is a busy husband, father, and student who retreats from the craziness of life by losing himselfContinue reading “Meet Contestant 3: Eric Dill”