A Blessing in Disguise?

There’s now an AdoptingJames Facebook page which just went up today! Click like, directly to your right and receive all your updates and other fun stuff. Be sure to share it with your friends. (Article begins after jump.) ¬†CLICK LIKE –> Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that DOMA is (Defense of Marriage Act)Continue reading “A Blessing in Disguise?”

The Best Post on SSM

With all the commotion and argument exploding around the country, and specifically in our nation’s capitol, over same-sex marriage, it’s difficult for either side to get a word in edge-wise. (I appreciate you O’Riley, but just shush for a moment.) And honestly, I’ve been scare to even speak up myself. For two reasons (and I’mContinue reading “The Best Post on SSM”

Two Families, Two World Views

The 90’s was an effort by most major broadcasting networks to take the spotlight away from family-themed television shows that dominated the 80’s and early 90’s. Now that that era is over, some shows are attempting to re-fix the spotlight back on the family – with a few twists. Two prominent shows are in theContinue reading “Two Families, Two World Views”