Christmas – A Time to Reflect and Anticipate

Some people are off from work today, some work half days, and others – well, it’s business as usual. But today is a very unordinary day – a day that stands out from any other day of the year. Today, the world holds its breath for those brief moments that bridge the gap between todayContinue reading “Christmas – A Time to Reflect and Anticipate”

Gladdest Noel

I’ve been posting the best unheard of Christmas songs. But this one deserves to have a post all its own. If for some reason, you’re unable to listen to this lyrical song by Evelyn Brush featured on the Christmas CD “Ring the Bells” I have taken it upon myself to write the lyrics out forContinue reading “Gladdest Noel”

The “Real” Santa

Everyone pulls out all their favorite Christmas movies this time of year, and it’s not a Christmas movie without some appearance of Santa. But we’re torn between so many different versions of him, it’s hard to decide who we want to most represent him. So I leave the choice to you. Comment below to leaveContinue reading “The “Real” Santa”

Win a FREE Autographed Copy of The Man in the Box

My book, The Man in the Box has maintained a near-perfect star rating on and I was 1 of 100 Kentucky-based authors to showcase it at the prestigious  Kentucky Book Fair last month (alongside mystery writer Sue Grafton, and Cardinal’s coach Rick Pitino). Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. The second edition will beContinue reading “Win a FREE Autographed Copy of The Man in the Box”

The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard Part III

We’ve all heard “Winter Wonderland” and “Little Drummer Boy” thousands of times this Christmas alone. If you need some fresh new songs to play in the car that still capture the Christmas spirit, take a look at the list. They’re all available on iTunes. Click here for PART I and Part II. “The Bells of Christmas”Continue reading “The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard Part III”