Christmas Past

[This post can be best enjoyed while listening to “Christmas Dreams” by Francesca Battistelli and may bring tears.] Last night for our Advent celebration activity, my wife had the brilliant idea to go Christmas light watching. It was a wonderful evening out with her sister and brother-in-law who are staying with us for a fewContinue reading “Christmas Past”

Happy Birthday Mr. Disney

It’s appropriate, I think, that Uncle Walt was born in and died in the month of December. Because in a way, he’s sort of our real-life Santa Claus. He’s made millions of people smile and laugh, spanning the continents and generations. Some of the best Christmas presents many of us received as kids were thoseContinue reading “Happy Birthday Mr. Disney”

The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard Part II

We’ve all heard “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Away in a Manger” a billion times. But have you heard these? Click here for Part I of this list, and check out the reader’s contributions in the comments as well. “Tender Tennessee Christmas” by Amy Grant – This song might not be that uncommon asContinue reading “The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard Part II”

The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard Part I

We’ve all heard “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer” and “Silent Night” a billion times. But have you ever heard these Christmas songs? Give these a listen and add them to your holiday-travel playlists for your trip over the river and through the woods. Then, please share your favorite Christmas songs that we might have never heard beforeContinue reading “The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard Part I”

A Cause to Pause and Reflect

Three decades. I’ve been driving for almost half my life. I’ve lived through two spaceflight accidents, been to three funerals, lived in four states, witnessed five presidents, owned six dogs, and I’ve seen the clocks change 60 times. I’ll probably never again be the best man at a wedding as all of my friends areContinue reading “A Cause to Pause and Reflect”