32-Years of Musings For My Kids

I’m turning 32 today. When you have kids, you tend to reflect on your life with your kids in mind. So here are 32 musings I would like to pass on to them when the time’s right.  Be picky with what you watch. If nothing’s on, do something else. Wait tables. But get out fast.Continue reading “32-Years of Musings For My Kids”

My New Year’s Resolution Starts Today

Got back from vacation yesterday. First off, I’d like to apologize to the woman sitting in seat 9A for my daughter kicking your seat and trying out different hair styles for your noggin. I promise, we’re good parents. She’s just a little ball of energy that just has to indulge her creative side. Anyway, getting backContinue reading “My New Year’s Resolution Starts Today”

30 Years Ago Today, the World Met This Little (or Big) Guy

Can’t believe it’s been thirty years ago since the world was introduced to possibly one of the most iconic figures in video game history. Not being a “gamer” myself, I still have logged away many hours guiding the little plumber through myriads of obstacle courses and kicking turtle shells into angry mushrooms. Celebrate your childhoodContinue reading “30 Years Ago Today, the World Met This Little (or Big) Guy”

The Things That Make Me Happiest

It’s only Tuesday. And for most of us who hate our jobs, that’s like saying, “You’ve got a thousand more years before you get to sit down and relax.” Well, I find that if you take a moment to jot down the things that make you happiest, and then every day until the weekend you do aContinue reading “The Things That Make Me Happiest”

Which Came First, the Ant or the Bug?

You remember back toward the end of the century it seemed all the movie companies were copying each other? It was Dante’s Peak vs. Volcano, Armageddon vs. Deep Impact,and perhaps the biggest showdown of all was DreamWorks’ Antz vs. Disney/Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. I don’t know the story behind what went on with the volcano and the astroid movies (although I can say that Armageddon isContinue reading “Which Came First, the Ant or the Bug?”