Bet You Never Thought of These Five Ways to Prepare for a Baby

Jim Halpert on The Office said it best: “Having a baby is exhausting.” So for you people who haven’t had a baby yet, here is a list of things I wish I’d done to prepare before bringing Baby A. home: 1) Practice smiling. A lot. When you’re changing a diaper at 3 in the morning, the last thing you feelContinue reading “Bet You Never Thought of These Five Ways to Prepare for a Baby”

Life with My Foster Parents

Hi everyone. So you all read my last post, right? Thank you for liking my dad’s book’s Facebook page if you did. It makes him look real good to publishers and literary agents if lots of people show interest in his work. If you haven’t liked it on Facebook yet, then I hope you chokeContinue reading “Life with My Foster Parents”

Dancing to Ideas

You writers and creative-types – you’ve been there. It’s a hellish place, for sure. A chasm of fear, doubt, agony, frustration… Idea-less. It’s worse than a writer’s block because with that, you can at least skip ahead. There’s nothing to skip ahead to if you’re idea-less. But take heart. Your idea is out there. You might feelContinue reading “Dancing to Ideas”

The “Real” Santa

Everyone pulls out all their favorite Christmas movies this time of year, and it’s not a Christmas movie without some appearance of Santa. But we’re torn between so many different versions of him, it’s hard to decide who we want to most represent him. So I leave the choice to you. Comment below to leaveContinue reading “The “Real” Santa”