Why Our Playground-Parenting Would Likely Tick You Off

Our oldest kids are about to turn two and three. With the weather being on its last stitch of niceness here in Louisville, Sarabeth and I decided to take them for one last hurrah at one of our neighborhood playgrounds. Our oldest, Kat, is extremely agile and surprisingly skilled. Like, more coordinated than I wasContinue reading “Why Our Playground-Parenting Would Likely Tick You Off”

This Post Breaks All the Rules

Socially speaking, I’m not allowed to write this post. Even the business world would frown on me. Because we’re supposed to only present our best selves, right? And as a business owner, I’m supposed to give the impression that I’ve got it all under control. To a degree, these are good rules. Personally, I don’tContinue reading “This Post Breaks All the Rules”

Writers Have Been Believing This Lie for Decades…

Editing. It’s often seen as the summit of the mountain after a long, tumultuous climb, complete with hand-cramps and carpal tunnel. I have a different picture in my head. Writing, as hard as it is, is more like the packing and driving toward the first day of your climb. Writing is gathering all of your equipment,Continue reading “Writers Have Been Believing This Lie for Decades…”

Naivety = Awesomeness (How do you pronounce “Naivety” anyway?)

The great Steve Martin, in his book, Born Standing Up, defines naivete: “That fabulous quality that keeps you from knowing just how unsuited you are for what you are about to do.” With that logic, every person who’s ever done anything great is undeniably, unequivocally naive. If we were all aware of how hard something was goingContinue reading “Naivety = Awesomeness (How do you pronounce “Naivety” anyway?)”

Ever Thought About Quitting This Way?

Pardon my absence lately. I’ve been super sick for almost a week and until today, just the thought of opening my laptop made me even more nauseous. So I’ve been doing lots of Olympic-watching, sleeping, The Walking Dead, sleeping, a Lethal Weapon marathon, sleeping, and I just started Breaking Bad (I’m one episode in and it’s kind of weird, butContinue reading “Ever Thought About Quitting This Way?”

The Burden of Creativity

We creative types have a difficult job. Essentially, our job is to create something out of nothing. Our job is to be original. To stand out. And eventually, to not only find fulfillment in our creation but fulfill others with it. For most creative-types, we strive to guide our audiences through an emotional journey. . .Continue reading “The Burden of Creativity”