The Burden of Creativity

We creative types have a difficult job. Essentially, our job is to create something out of nothing. Our job is to be original. To stand out. And eventually, to not only find fulfillment in our creation but fulfill others with it. For most creative-types, we strive to guide our audiences through an emotional journey. . .Continue reading “The Burden of Creativity”

Not What It Seems

Since I was young I’ve had bad hearing. Thirty-percent hearing loss in one ear and forty-percent in the other. Something like that. As a result I used to get words words wrong all the time. For instance… I thought there was an N in early: “Earnly.” I used to say “supposebly” instead of “supposedly.” (ExceptContinue reading “Not What It Seems”

A Love Letter to Disney

A while back I wrote a love letter to Pixar Animation Studios. I’ll never forget watching my viewership skyrocket that week. What was that all about? A couple of weeks later I received an email from Pixar Headquarters thanking me for my post and saying that it’s been making the rounds in the studio. Imagine that!Continue reading “A Love Letter to Disney”

Climbing Up the Corporate Christmas Tree

You’ve likely worked for bosses or managers who just don’t understand. I’m not talking about the inability to sympathize. I’m talking about a literal inability to understand the job they hired you to do because they haven’t done it themselves. Mostly that’s due to someone inheriting their position through a variety of different means. ThereContinue reading “Climbing Up the Corporate Christmas Tree”

Endever Updates – Six Months Later

Wonderful news is happening over at Endever Publishing Studios! In case you’re unfamiliar with my publishing company, I founded it early this year because I was tired of the way traditional publishing companies operated. They recycle the same famous authors in their rotation rarely giving new authors a chance. Traditional publishers put more effort in promoting their ownContinue reading “Endever Updates – Six Months Later”

Why It’s Good to Be Disturbed

Netflix is stepping up its game! They’re actually making movies available that I care to watch or revisit (Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Lethal Weapon…) But scrolling through the other night, there was one that caught my attention that I had forgotten was on my to-watch list. It’s a Peter Jackson movie, so that was myContinue reading “Why It’s Good to Be Disturbed”