How Finding Dory Will Make Me a Better Dad

You may laugh, but I highly doubt I’m the only dad who wanted one specific thing for Father’s Day: to go see Finding Dory. It couldn’t have come at a better time as we’re struggling through a hard time in our extended family. (Thank you so much Pixar, for consistently providing a light to us in dark times.) The movie’s releaseContinue reading “How Finding Dory Will Make Me a Better Dad”


Hi-didlee-day, a writer’s life for me. And more often than not, that’s nothing to sing about. Especially while maintaining a “normal life” (marriage, bills, house upkeep, raising children, impressing bosses at the old day job). With the stress of trying to run my startup publishing company, keeping up with the “normal life” stuff, and workingContinue reading “Steps”

What Keeps Me Watching Toy Story

Even as a thirty-something year old, Toy Story remains one of my most absolute favorite movies of all time. And like each Pixar film, it’s riddled with tiny things that keep me coming back to it that most people might not really notice. Here are a few examples that I believe help make Toy Story great: 1. Woody is justContinue reading “What Keeps Me Watching Toy Story”

That Match-Out Moment

You know in Back to the Future, how every opportunity to return Marty to 1985 is thwarted until the last possible minute? Like, the Delorean not starting, and the chord getting unplugged, and the movie just keeps you on the edge of your seat and doesn’t let you go until you finally see those flaming tire marksContinue reading “That Match-Out Moment”

Endever’s First Milestone!

Endever Publishing Studios, our brand new company, has the goal (among several others) of becoming a business while remaining debt-free from the get-go. We needed to raise at least $240 to register as a business with the state of Kentucky. As of midnight last night, over the last thirty days, we reigned in enough moneyContinue reading “Endever’s First Milestone!”