My Review of Lincoln

Think about it. There’s probably not a person over sixteen alive today living in America that hasn’t seen a Steven Spielberg movie. Unless they’re Amish. Or blind. Still. I always say, “We can all use a little more Spielberg in our lives.” Alright, alright, so he messed up with the snore-fest¬†War Horse¬†(I still don’t knowContinue reading “My Review of Lincoln”

Lincoln’s Birthday and the Chase for His Killer

In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and in the interest of my home state, California’s largest manhunt currently taking place, I could think of no other book to recommend than this today. For the average reader, a good book comes across their lap every so often and a great book lands there every other blueContinue reading “Lincoln’s Birthday and the Chase for His Killer”

This Summer’s Reading List

Summer’s approaching and that means… book fever! Yes, it’s time to dust off those books you’ve been meaning to read for so long, pull out those books you received for Christmas last year, open them up and start reading. I always say that no one is too busy to read. If you’re saying that, thenContinue reading “This Summer’s Reading List”