Why You Should be Glad When You Have No Reason to Be

We’ve been extremely fortunate in our foster-to-adopt situation with Baby A. More fortunate than most people. In a few weeks the State will change Baby A’s permanency goal from reunification with her birth parents to adoption. We’re hoping Baby A will officially be a Toy by Christmas, which is feasible as long as there are noContinue reading “Why You Should be Glad When You Have No Reason to Be”

Baby A. and Up

In The Art of Up, Tim Hauser makes this thought-provoking observation: Taken as a whole, Pixar’s films can be viewed as serialized chapters in a single life: from sibling rivalry, early attachment (Toy Story), and socialization (A Bug’s Life), to maturation (Monter’s Inc.), separation, and parenthood (Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo); from protecting the nuclear family (The Incredibles), shiftingContinue reading “Baby A. and Up”

A Boy and His Tiger

If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, many different things sum up your childhood. Things like pogs and slammers, Squeezits, Raven’s Revenge, Rugrats, and Steve Urkel’s cloning machine. To know these things is to be a part of a club, a very special and inclusive club. I say inclusive because most of us are nowContinue reading “A Boy and His Tiger”

The Best Father’s Day Movies

Father’s Day is coming up. The holiday holds true for many people in different walks of life. Maybe you’re still living with your father, or you’re far away from him. Maybe your father died. Perhaps, even, you’re a father yourself now, as this will be my first Father’s Day as a dad. As you wellContinue reading “The Best Father’s Day Movies”