What Christians Fear Most

Sometimes I feel like a monster. Not when I lose my temper. When that happens, I’m just being a typical fallen human – my old fleshly self. But sometimes I feel like a monster from Monstropolis. You know, the ones from Monsters Inc. who are afraid of children. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But we’re not much brighter.Continue reading “What Christians Fear Most”

Chuches, Why Have We Not Yet United?

Pastors, deacons, elders, church members, Sunday school volunteers – I’m curious. (And please know that I ask myself this same question.) Two questions, actually. Two questions that could revolutionize the world. A question that could shout volumes to the planet of God’s love. And here’s the first question: Why are our orphanages so full? TheContinue reading “Chuches, Why Have We Not Yet United?”

True Love at the Movies

There are many movies that claim to be romantic comedies – and that’s just what they are – romantic jokes. So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to pay tribute to those few movies that actually speak about true love. Never mind the endless list of movies where the couple met yesterday and are forcedContinue reading “True Love at the Movies”

She’s Not a James, But…

I’ve been married for five years, and I just fell in love again. You’re probably aware that Sarabeth and I have been in the process of becoming foster-to-adopt parents. We’ve been longing for a child all these years. Well, we finally got a call last week for a little girl born a month-and-a-half early. SoContinue reading “She’s Not a James, But…”

My Grouchy Morning

It’s our tradition to have the news on in the mornings while eating breakfast. Sometimes I must not get enough sleep, or I’m just a grouch. This morning was especially bad, as I made one sarcastic comment after another about the world news and the people that are screwing everything up. Sarabeth doesn’t appreciate theseContinue reading “My Grouchy Morning”

What’s Your Disney Moment?

My social networking sites are exploding with clips from Frozen – especially videos of the hit song, “Let It Go.” I’ve been steadily refraining from watching these tempting clips since I haven’t seen the movie yet – but dying to. It seems to be a unanimous consensus that Frozen is as good as Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. IsContinue reading “What’s Your Disney Moment?”