Keith Farthington on How to Make an Instructional Video

People everywhere are still trapped at home and trying new things, especially in the realm of making videos to post online, whether they be Disneyland reenactments, discussions about The Tiger King, or making videos to be given a shoutout on John Krasinski’s SGN (Hi, John xXoXooO!!!). I’ll be honest, I’ve been in a creative funk,Continue reading “Keith Farthington on How to Make an Instructional Video”

Starting Fresh, Starting Over

If these quarantine times have offered any value at all, it’s the gift of time. AmIright? (Unless you’re a healthcare or retail worker, or hold any position that has been deemed essential, then you truly are a hero worthy of Tony Stark’s EDITH glasses.) But for the rest of us, we’ve been given the opportunityContinue reading “Starting Fresh, Starting Over”

How We Got Engaged

July 19, 2008, seven years ago today, lives were changed. Plans were altered. Questions were asked. It was unlikely that Sarabeth and I would ever meet – me from California, she from Florida. The chances were slim at best. We didn’t meet on either coast as one might think, but in the middle of God’s country,Continue reading “How We Got Engaged”

The Invisible Studio Audience

Wives/girlfriends – Do you feel like arguments with your significant other too often come to an abrupt hault because he slaps you with some lame punchline and follows it up with a smirk? Want to know why he’s smirking? Because he’s mentally bowing down to the Studio Audience who is whooping and hollering and cracking upContinue reading “The Invisible Studio Audience”

Why Every Couple Needs a Dog Before Having a Child

Sarabeth and I have had a dog for four out of the five years of our marriage. Obviously, we’re still waiting on word from the state that we’re approved to foster a child, but nothing has been more beneficial in preparing us for having kids than raising our dachshunds. For instance, before I got married,Continue reading “Why Every Couple Needs a Dog Before Having a Child”