How Finding Dory Will Make Me a Better Dad

You may laugh, but I highly doubt I’m the only dad who wanted one specific thing for Father’s Day: to go see Finding Dory. It couldn’t have come at a better time as we’re struggling through a hard time in our extended family. (Thank you so much Pixar, for consistently providing a light to us in dark times.) The movie’s releaseContinue reading “How Finding Dory Will Make Me a Better Dad”

What Keeps Me Watching Toy Story

Even as a thirty-something year old, Toy Story remains one of my most absolute favorite movies of all time. And like each Pixar film, it’s riddled with tiny things that keep me coming back to it that most people might not really notice. Here are a few examples that I believe help make Toy Story great: 1. Woody is justContinue reading “What Keeps Me Watching Toy Story”

Disney Live-Action: Not As It Once Was

Remember Meet the Deedles? Snow Dogs? Max Keeble’s Big Movie? Me neither, because I never saw them. These are all products of the debacle that was Disney live-action films of the early 2000s. It seemed the company was just churning out whatever cheap film they could make to get the attention of persistent 8-year-olds to drag their parents toContinue reading “Disney Live-Action: Not As It Once Was”

Silly Rabbit, Animated Movies Aren’t (Just) for Kids

  Zootopia is Disney’s 55th animated feature film, and it broke records as being the highest grossing Disney animated opening of all time. Why is that? Personally, I think it’s because Disney has been delivering better and better films after their decade of mediocrity (1995-2004). The animation powerhouse, with the help from Pixar geniuses, has worked hardContinue reading “Silly Rabbit, Animated Movies Aren’t (Just) for Kids”

Happy Birthday Pixar!!

February 3rd is better than Christmas. It’s the day Pixar was born and thus, the world, and millions of lives were better for it. Today, Pixar Animation Studios is thirty years old. Without further adieu, I present you thirty reasons I absolutely love Pixar: 1. The shorts. It’s their “Thank you” for coming to watch theirContinue reading “Happy Birthday Pixar!!”

What Do All Great Stories Have In Common?

As an author and soon-to-be publisher, I’ve been wrestling with this a couple of months. I began looking at some of the greatest stories of all time, both books and movies, and I’ve asked myself, what makes them great? And to take it a step further, “What do they all have in common?” Surely there’sContinue reading “What Do All Great Stories Have In Common?”