4 New Book Announcements from the Author of The Man in the Box

                  It’s been a busy year for us Toys. Aside from bringing our beloved foster daughter into our home, having some major job changes, helping one of our pups recover from back surgery, I’ve also been very busy writing my next few books. Many of you mayContinue reading “4 New Book Announcements from the Author of The Man in the Box”

Which First? The Book or the Movie?

I recently spoke with someone who walked out of The Fellowship of the Ring when it was in theaters and never bothered with the other two Lord of the Rings movies. His reason: Because Arwen had speaking parts and wasn’t just sitting on a throne like she does in the book. I thought this was a little over theContinue reading “Which First? The Book or the Movie?”

Seeking Artist for Children’s Book

I wrote a children’s book complete with stick-figure drawings, which you’ll have a chance to look at in a moment. I’m seeking a publisher or agent to get it printed and published, but in order to really sell it, I need an artist to do the artwork. If anyone is interested (publishers, agents, artists), pleaseContinue reading “Seeking Artist for Children’s Book”

The Questions Teen Books Ask

Teen books seem to be the fad today. From Twilight to Pretty Little Liars, kids, teenagers, and adults alike are pouring into this up-and-coming phenomenon of young adult fiction novels. Many, like the aforementioned are damaging to young hearts and minds and serve as nothing more than gateways into the darker territories of adult romance books,Continue reading “The Questions Teen Books Ask”

Summer Books for Your Kids (Part 2)

I consider myself to be a treasure-hunter. Part of that means storing up treasures for my kids to inherit in the future. This is one of the reasons why I read children’s books on occasion. Buried somewhere under all the Harry Potter and Captain Underpants influenza is a Tuck Everlasting , or a Charlotte’s Web. Stories that carry on into people’s lives.Continue reading “Summer Books for Your Kids (Part 2)”