Why Our Playground-Parenting Would Likely Tick You Off

Our oldest kids are about to turn two and three. With the weather being on its last stitch of niceness here in Louisville, Sarabeth and I decided to take them for one last hurrah at one of our neighborhood playgrounds. Our oldest, Kat, is extremely agile and surprisingly skilled. Like, more coordinated than I wasContinue reading “Why Our Playground-Parenting Would Likely Tick You Off”

This Post Breaks All the Rules

Socially speaking, I’m not allowed to write this post. Even the business world would frown on me. Because we’re supposed to only present our best selves, right? And as a business owner, I’m supposed to give the impression that I’ve got it all under control. To a degree, these are good rules. Personally, I don’tContinue reading “This Post Breaks All the Rules”

Why It’s Good to Be Disturbed

Netflix is stepping up its game! They’re actually making movies available that I care to watch or revisit (Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Lethal Weapon…) But scrolling through the other night, there was one that caught my attention that I had forgotten was on my to-watch list. It’s a Peter Jackson movie, so that was myContinue reading “Why It’s Good to Be Disturbed”

Ticking Clocks and Talking Writing: A Guest Post

I addressed the topic of not having enough time to write a couple of weeks ago, which you can read here. But when I learned my publishing guru had some more advice to share, I couldn’t help but ask her to write a guest post. Meet Ekta Garg, founder and owner of Prairie Sky Publishing. Continue reading “Ticking Clocks and Talking Writing: A Guest Post”

On Writing: Dealing with a Busy Schedule

The next question from my Ask Away post is from Roxanne Oduro. She asked: “I’m a university student, and with the amount of readings and assignments I have [to] do, I barely have any time to write. Do you have any tips/advice on how to keep up with writing even with a busy schedule?” I’m going to haveContinue reading “On Writing: Dealing with a Busy Schedule”

32-Years of Musings For My Kids

I’m turning 32 today. When you have kids, you tend to reflect on your life with your kids in mind. So here are 32 musings I would like to pass on to them when the time’s right.  Be picky with what you watch. If nothing’s on, do something else. Wait tables. But get out fast.Continue reading “32-Years of Musings For My Kids”

The Best Remedy For Stress In a Marriage

With Sarabeth being a stay-at-home mom with two incommunicative toddlers and two dogs, and me working on several books and trying to survive a job that isn’t considered my favorite place to work, it was time for a vacation. The heat was getting high in our house (and not in a good way). I madeContinue reading “The Best Remedy For Stress In a Marriage”