The Best Remedy For Stress In a Marriage

With Sarabeth being a stay-at-home mom with two incommunicative toddlers and two dogs, and me working on several books and trying to survive a job that isn’t considered my favorite place to work, it was time for a vacation. The heat was getting high in our house (and not in a good way). I madeContinue reading “The Best Remedy For Stress In a Marriage”

The Smaller Perspective: One Way to Parent Effectively

My wife surpasses me in bounds and leaps when it comes to parenting our kids. Not just because she’s home with them seven days a week all day and night, but she seems to really “get it” where it counts. For my part, I’m naturally self-centered. Strip me down to my bare essentials and you’reContinue reading “The Smaller Perspective: One Way to Parent Effectively”

Thank You, Katherine

We just watched Wall-e recently and one line stuck out to me. It’s when Captain B. McCre of the Axiom yells, “I don’t want to survive, I want to live!” What a statement. Personally, I’m naturally more of a survivor than liver. (Or person who lives.) A good time for me is staying in watching movies or reading a bookContinue reading “Thank You, Katherine”

Ranking the Dystopian Teen Novels

First off, thank you all so much for the warm congratulations for adopting our daughter. Sarabeth and I were very warmed by your support and enthusiasm. Part of Katherine’s name is based off of Katniss from The Hunger Games (just look at her initials). Some people might mock us for our obsessiveness over a teen book (punContinue reading “Ranking the Dystopian Teen Novels”

Baby A. is Officially Ours

It finally happened. It’s a done deal. If I had pixie dust and only needed to think up a happy thought to fly, today would by my happy thought. Today, Sarabeth and I took our foster daughter to the courthouse one last time to solemnly swear to be Baby A.’s legal and official parents forever.Continue reading “Baby A. is Officially Ours”

When to Let Your Kids Watch What

Probably one of the most controversial issues with parenting is when to introduce nostalgic entertainment to our kids. Moms and dads seem to always have a different view on this topic, and Sarabeth and I are no different. Every dad wants to show the old Star Wars movies to their sons, while moms seem content to letContinue reading “When to Let Your Kids Watch What”

Why Inside Out is the Perfect Father’s Day Movie

Alright, hopefully you’ve all seen Jurassic World by this point, because obviously, that’s the movie to take your dads to with there being dinosaurs and explosions and all that fun stuff. And the hype is true – it really is almost as good as the original! But if you’re looking for something else now that that’s over, you mightContinue reading “Why Inside Out is the Perfect Father’s Day Movie”