What to Expect From Pixar’s Inside Out (Spoiler Free)

I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of Inside Out last night where the director and producer took us on a virtual tour of the Pixar studios (yes, Finding Dory and Toy Story 4 are actually happening). My strong desire to visit  Pixar in Emeryville, CA only deepened. The short film before the movie, Lava, was kind ofContinue reading “What to Expect From Pixar’s Inside Out (Spoiler Free)”

Adoption Update

Good news. Extraordinary news. Incredible, exciting, jubilant, fantastic, exquisite news! We had out first adoption social worker visit last week. Not a foster care social worker, but an ADOPTION worker. We have now officially begun the process of adopting Baby A.!! (The real name of which we’ll reveal at the time of adoption.) At seventeenContinue reading “Adoption Update”

A Letter to My Foster Daughter on Her First Birthday

Little girl, You’re a year old now, although we’ve only known you for 11 months. I’ll never forget seeing you for the first time in the nurse’s arms after the foster care program told us we could go see you in the hospital. My first three thoughts were: You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seenContinue reading “A Letter to My Foster Daughter on Her First Birthday”

10 Movies About Adoption No. 4: Meet the Robinsons

So I’ve been talking a little about movies about adoption. When adopted kids are of age to learn about their adoption, it doesn’t have to be a bad or negative thing. In fact, it isn’t even remotely that. And some films and shows out there actually give adoption a very good name, which could beContinue reading “10 Movies About Adoption No. 4: Meet the Robinsons”