10 Movies About Adoption No. 1: 101 Dalmatians

It’s very likely that we will be adopting our foster daughter soon, unless something unexpected comes up. So Sarabeth and I are now shifting our focus from Baby A. being in our house for a short time to her being our permanent daughter. And that means that one day, we’ll be explaining to her that sheContinue reading “10 Movies About Adoption No. 1: 101 Dalmatians”

Why You Should be Glad When You Have No Reason to Be

We’ve been extremely fortunate in our foster-to-adopt situation with Baby A. More fortunate than most people. In a few weeks the State will change Baby A’s permanency goal from reunification with her birth parents to adoption. We’re hoping Baby A will officially be a Toy by Christmas, which is feasible as long as there are noContinue reading “Why You Should be Glad When You Have No Reason to Be”

Bet You Never Thought of These Five Ways to Prepare for a Baby

Jim Halpert on The Office said it best: “Having a baby is exhausting.” So for you people who haven’t had a baby yet, here is a list of things I wish I’d done to prepare before bringing Baby A. home: 1) Practice smiling. A lot. When you’re changing a diaper at 3 in the morning, the last thing you feelContinue reading “Bet You Never Thought of These Five Ways to Prepare for a Baby”

Chuches, Why Have We Not Yet United?

Pastors, deacons, elders, church members, Sunday school volunteers – I’m curious. (And please know that I ask myself this same question.) Two questions, actually. Two questions that could revolutionize the world. A question that could shout volumes to the planet of God’s love. And here’s the first question: Why are our orphanages so full? TheContinue reading “Chuches, Why Have We Not Yet United?”

She’s Not a James, But…

I’ve been married for five years, and I just fell in love again. You’re probably aware that Sarabeth and I have been in the process of becoming foster-to-adopt parents. We’ve been longing for a child all these years. Well, we finally got a call last week for a little girl born a month-and-a-half early. SoContinue reading “She’s Not a James, But…”