Climbing Up the Corporate Christmas Tree

You’ve likely worked for bosses or managers who just don’t understand. I’m not talking about the inability to sympathize. I’m talking about a literal inability to understand the job they hired you to do because they haven’t done it themselves. Mostly that’s due to someone inheriting their position through a variety of different means. ThereContinue reading “Climbing Up the Corporate Christmas Tree”

Writers: Cut Out the Middle Man!

I came across this article by Chuck Sambuchino, “The Worst Ways to Begin Your Novel: Advice from Literary Agents.” With all due respect to all of the contributors of the article, I must call a time out. Since when did these agents’ opinions become the standard by which books are written? Who set them upContinue reading “Writers: Cut Out the Middle Man!”

What I’m Learning So Far As a Business Owner

The most common emotion I have as a brand new business owner is uncertainty. The next two emotions are fear and optimism. Somehow they go hand-in-hand. I’m beginning to think it’s going to be a long while before I know what I’m really doing. Until then I must be content flying by the seat ofContinue reading “What I’m Learning So Far As a Business Owner”

Writers, Here’s How to Submit Your Manuscript

Hello writers. It was brought to my attention recently that I failed to put the link to my publishing company’s site so you can submit your manuscripts for us to consider for publication. I’m sorry about that. Here’s what you do: Go to Endever Blog Go to the link at the top that says, “HowContinue reading “Writers, Here’s How to Submit Your Manuscript”

Authors, Send in Your Submissions!

My publishing studio has just opened up for more submissions. Check out Endever’s blog and peruse through the new menu options at the top. There, you’ll find an expansion on our mission and method, updated personal bios on me and my colleague Lynn, detailed information on how to submit, and a snippet of of ourContinue reading “Authors, Send in Your Submissions!”

Endever and Contest Updates

Endever Update! Things have been quiet on the social media front in our neck of the woods, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy behind the scenes! First off, if you’re still interested in submitting to our current writing contest, there’s still time! There were a lot of people who wanted to enter butContinue reading “Endever and Contest Updates”