A Little Treat For You Writers

I hope you’ll pardon my long absence from blogging. Baby A. and Sarabeth have been in Florida and my book editing has picked up steam. I’ve also been hard at work on my next book, a young readers historical novel about a dachshund named Oskar, living in Nazi-ruled Germany. Keep checking back for updates. InContinue reading “A Little Treat For You Writers”

The Loss of Innocence

A few weeks back, Sarabeth and I attended our first Andrew Peterson concert – one of the better concerts I’d ever attended. During it, he told the story of his son whom he found crying in his bed. When asked what was the matter, his son responded by holding out a book toward his father.Continue reading “The Loss of Innocence”

Of Zoos and Books About Zoos

Sarabeth and I just read¬†We Bought a Zoo¬†together, after being intrigued by the movie. Written by Benjamin Mee, it wasn’t at all like the movie. The movie was more personable, funny, touching, and… interesting. We felt that oftentimes in Mee’s autobiography, he was more suited to write articles on the subject of zoology and evolutionaryContinue reading “Of Zoos and Books About Zoos”

Christmas Wish List Part 2

For Part 1 of this list, click here. Clothes are great gifts for Christmas, but they get old, tattered and go out of style. Movies are great, but they generally only last 90 minutes and then it’s probably a year before you watch them again. But books… books are stories that can take as longContinue reading “Christmas Wish List Part 2”