On Writing: Character- vs. Plot-Driven

A couple of weeks ago I posted a request for my readers to ask me questions about anything concerning writing. If I haven’t gotten to your question, rest assured, I will. Agyei Agyapong of Vestpalblog asked: “What has been your greatest challenge as a writer? How did you overcome it ?” There are many challenges IContinue reading “On Writing: Character- vs. Plot-Driven”

The John Grisham Challenge: The Pelican Brief

I’ve just finished the third book in the John Grisham lineup as part of my #JohnGrishamChallenge, and holy crap, what a wild ride! The Pelican Brief is one of those books where I (brace yourself for the cliche) literally “couldn’t put it down!” It’s a cat-and-mouse chase through and through, and the victims of the murdersContinue reading “The John Grisham Challenge: The Pelican Brief”

Catch This Book as Soon as You Can

One of my favorite movies of all time is Catch Me If You Can. It doesn’t really fit in a genre – it’s action-packed, funny, emotional, intense… the genre I put it in is called Fun. Just plain old fun. And… it was a book first, written by our very own Frank Abagnale, Jr. Or Frank Connors,Continue reading “Catch This Book as Soon as You Can”

Ranking the Dystopian Teen Novels

First off, thank you all so much for the warm congratulations for adopting our daughter. Sarabeth and I were very warmed by your support and enthusiasm. Part of Katherine’s name is based off of Katniss from The Hunger Games (just look at her initials). Some people might mock us for our obsessiveness over a teen book (punContinue reading “Ranking the Dystopian Teen Novels”

I Am the Lion – Chapter 1

Fans of The Man in the Box and serious readers of emotionally thematic dramas will be pleased to know that my second book, I Am the Lion, will be made available by December on Amazon Kindle Direct. For your pleasure I’m sharing the first chapter below. Enjoy! You can find a full description of this book and my next three releases byContinue reading “I Am the Lion – Chapter 1”

So You Want to Write Part 11 – How to AVOID Writer’s Block

Pages and pages of suggested cures and tips for overcoming writer’s block are easily accessible to the afflicted all across the Web. With a quick Google search there’s no end of  advice for overcoming the author’s worst enemy. (A good page I came across recently is on Jon Acuff’s page – he often gives sound advice.) But restContinue reading “So You Want to Write Part 11 – How to AVOID Writer’s Block”