What Harry Potter is Teaching Me So Far…

Don’t judge me. It’s been a couple of years since the last Harry Potter movie came out, and I’m just now watching them all for the first time. I read the books years back, and they were a bit underwhelming – I guess after all the hype I expected something more. Don’t worry – I’ll be revisitingContinue reading “What Harry Potter is Teaching Me So Far…”

I Hope You’re Not Like These Kids

The sun came out only once – every seven years, for just one day. Margot was the only girl in the class who had seen the sun once, when she was barely old enough to remember it. But no one believed her when she tried to describe it. So they tossed her into the closetContinue reading “I Hope You’re Not Like These Kids”

Warnings From the Future Dead

Upon my second reading of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, I am convinced more than ever that every teen needs to read this brilliant series. Aside from the fact that it’s filled with symbolism that English teachers relish, there’s not a single bad word (God’s name isn’t even taken in vain once), and sex isContinue reading “Warnings From the Future Dead”

APP Developers Needed

History is funny. Different ways to use fire. So many uses for cotton. Thomas Edison and his bright ideas. Steel. Want some? It’s a steal! Coal. Cool. You PC? iMac. And now we’re all scrambling to come out with the next best app since Angry Birds. I’m no different. I’m in talks with a contractContinue reading “APP Developers Needed”

2012 Christmas Wish List Part 1

John Adams, the second president of the United States was notorious for giving out only books as gifts. Sarabeth has learned to do the same for me. Since April, 2011 I’ve read over 60 books. For the next three days, leading up to Black Friday, I’m going to make some of your Christmas shopping easierContinue reading “2012 Christmas Wish List Part 1”

This Summer’s Reading List

Summer’s approaching and that means… book fever! Yes, it’s time to dust off those books you’ve been meaning to read for so long, pull out those books you received for Christmas last year, open them up and start reading. I always say that no one is too busy to read. If you’re saying that, thenContinue reading “This Summer’s Reading List”