Catch This Book as Soon as You Can

One of my favorite movies of all time is Catch Me If You Can. It doesn’t really fit in a genre – it’s action-packed, funny, emotional, intense… the genre I put it in is called Fun. Just plain old fun. And… it was a book first, written by our very own Frank Abagnale, Jr. Or Frank Connors,Continue reading “Catch This Book as Soon as You Can”

What in the World is Wrong?

“Let’s give this a try – it’s got a great premise,” I said, as I pulled up our DVR recording. “And this is the movie American Sniper lost to?” Sarabeth asked. “Yeah. It better be one heck of a movie.” Needless to say, our expectations were set high for Birdman since it won best picture at the last AcademyContinue reading “What in the World is Wrong?”

The Grisham Challenge, Book 2: The Firm

I read John Grisham’s The Firm back in high school for class. For an assigned book, I remember being pretty impressed. But as a high schooler, I didn’t allow myself to fully accept how awesome an assigned book could be. Having just read it again as an adult as part of the Grisham Challenge, I’ve gotContinue reading “The Grisham Challenge, Book 2: The Firm”

Book Rec: Looking for Calvin and Hobbes

There are very few people who do not have fond memories of reading the morning paper with a cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal, and the first thing they flipped to was the funny pages. Not for Peanuts or Garfield, but to read more adventures of a boy and his stuffed tiger. In these strips, youContinue reading “Book Rec: Looking for Calvin and Hobbes”

Another Post From My Daughter

  Looks like my foster daughter hijacked my computer again. I attest that I did not put her up to writing any of the following… Hi, it’s me, Baby A. I’m the one in the pink-striped outfit above. My daddy is the one holding me (I’m bound and determined to get those glasses one day).Continue reading “Another Post From My Daughter”

Little Fault in This Book

When you close a book after reading the final page the characters and their story sort of just… end. But in the really good books these characters become immortal and they take on a life of their own in our imaginations that egg on their continued existence. In the hot teen book The Fault in OurContinue reading “Little Fault in This Book”

Book Rec: The Presidents Club

I’ve been reading through the biographies of our presidents and so far have been enjoying getting to know them. It’s interesting to learn about their accomplishments, what drove them toward their failures, and how history has decided to label them. But there’s one thing that their biographies tend to overlook. We may learn about eachContinue reading “Book Rec: The Presidents Club”