Book Rec: The Presidents Club

I’ve been reading through the biographies of our presidents and so far have been enjoying getting to know them. It’s interesting to learn about their accomplishments, what drove them toward their failures, and how history has decided to label them. But there’s one thing that their biographies tend to overlook. We may learn about eachContinue reading “Book Rec: The Presidents Club”

Animated Movies as Good as Pixar Movies

It doesn’t take much browsing on my blog to figure out that I’m a devout Pixar enthusiast (Disney included). But there are some movies made by competitors that come awfully close, if not hit right on target, to Pixar’s standards of excellence. Here are my favorite non-Pixar/Disney animated movies that you’re sure to have a goodContinue reading “Animated Movies as Good as Pixar Movies”

Is Divergent as Good as Hunger Games?

This is a spoiler-free review. I just read Divergent by Veronica Roth. Apparently she wrote it while she was in college and two other books completes her trilogy. Like Hunger Games, it is set in a dystopian world, and also like Hunger Games, it is written in that awesome first-person present tense style that really seems to be catchingContinue reading “Is Divergent as Good as Hunger Games?”

From a Mermaid to an Ice Queen: Is Frozen Better Than Beauty?

These days Sarabeth and I go to the movies about three times a year. Once in the summer to catch the newest Pixar movie, and twice in December for the latest Hunger Games and Hobbit installments. Since there will not be a Pixar movie released this year (insert ultra-sad face here), I insisted we catch Frozen because of all the hypeContinue reading “From a Mermaid to an Ice Queen: Is Frozen Better Than Beauty?”

Anne in Autumn

The leaves are turning, whether from the intense summer sun or the coming autumn, and it’s that time of year to discard the cheap summer paperbacks and rummage through the attic for more weightier reads.  You know, books to cuddle up on the couch with while the pumpkin pie bakes and the corn chowder warmsContinue reading “Anne in Autumn”

Villains We Love to Hate

As audience members we love to hate our bad guys. As writers, we love to create the most loathsome antagonists. It seems movie villains are always trying to out-bad each other. Here is a list of my top-ten favorite fictional bad guys. Leave your own favorites in the comments section if I left them out.Continue reading “Villains We Love to Hate”