What Do All Great Stories Have In Common?

As an author and soon-to-be publisher, I’ve been wrestling with this a couple of months. I began looking at some of the greatest stories of all time, both books and movies, and I’ve asked myself, what makes them great? And to take it a step further, “What do they all have in common?” Surely there’sContinue reading “What Do All Great Stories Have In Common?”

Book Reviewers Wanted and Cover Reveal

All right, readers, my second book, I Am the Lion,  is gearing up for publication on Amazon KDP!  I am still thrilled by the wonderful reviews and feedback I continue to receive from my debut novel The Man in the Box (2012). I’m looking for 10 willing book reviewers to receive free PDF copies of I Am the Lion to review forContinue reading “Book Reviewers Wanted and Cover Reveal”

Which First? The Book or the Movie?

I recently spoke with someone who walked out of The Fellowship of the Ring when it was in theaters and never bothered with the other two Lord of the Rings movies. His reason: Because Arwen had speaking parts and wasn’t just sitting on a throne like she does in the book. I thought this was a little over theContinue reading “Which First? The Book or the Movie?”

The Best Storytelling Tips You’ll EVER Receive

As I’m working on my extended edition of The Man in the Box, I find myself going back to this list. It’s a list of Pixar’s 22 tips on how to tell a great story. I almost don’t want to share this because I’m greedy like that, but then I got to thinking: great stories inspireContinue reading “The Best Storytelling Tips You’ll EVER Receive”

I Hope You’re Not Like These Kids

The sun came out only once – every seven years, for just one day. Margot was the only girl in the class who had seen the sun once, when she was barely old enough to remember it. But no one believed her when she tried to describe it. So they tossed her into the closetContinue reading “I Hope You’re Not Like These Kids”

Villains We Love to Hate

As audience members we love to hate our bad guys. As writers, we love to create the most loathsome antagonists. It seems movie villains are always trying to out-bad each other. Here is a list of my top-ten favorite fictional bad guys. Leave your own favorites in the comments section if I left them out.Continue reading “Villains We Love to Hate”

Aesop’s Fables

Being a fan of fairytales and folklore, I couldn’t justify passing up an opportunity to read the classic, Aesop’s Fables. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the whole book. Like Grimm’s Fairytales some of the stories were not as catchy as others, but I took the liberty to point out a few fun fables for youContinue reading “Aesop’s Fables”