Explanation of the Name “Endever Publishing Studios”

There are only 7 days left; the deadline to get your 500-word story in is February 25th. The cost is $10 and three finalists will have their stories published on this blog, and the winner will win $150, plus first dibs on publishing a short story with Endever. Click here for more details. Several weeks agoContinue reading “Explanation of the Name “Endever Publishing Studios””

On Writing: Dealing with a Busy Schedule

The next question from my Ask Away post is from Roxanne Oduro. She asked: “I’m a university student, and with the amount of readings and assignments I have [to] do, I barely have any time to write. Do you have any tips/advice on how to keep up with writing even with a busy schedule?” I’m going to haveContinue reading “On Writing: Dealing with a Busy Schedule”

The Grisham Challenge, Book 2: The Firm

I read John Grisham’s The Firm back in high school for class. For an assigned book, I remember being pretty impressed. But as a high schooler, I didn’t allow myself to fully accept how awesome an assigned book could be. Having just read it again as an adult as part of the Grisham Challenge, I’ve gotContinue reading “The Grisham Challenge, Book 2: The Firm”

The Grisham Challenge Book 1: A Time to Kill

Wow! John Grisham starts his writing career off with a wallop, and a hard act to follow. Racism, threats, juicy courtroom drama, murder, revenge, and controversy. As solid and enthralling as this work of fiction is, it wasn’t the book that launched Grisham into his superstar status, believe it or not. That doesn’t happen untilContinue reading “The Grisham Challenge Book 1: A Time to Kill”

Finally! The Real Truth About Queries

  Query. It’s the big F-word in the writer’s vocabulary. It’s the ultimate eye-roll in the agent’s life. Queries. They’re like taxes. A seemingly giant waste of time, but completely necessary to keep the world going round. Writers don’t like queries because they take away from valuable writing time and it’s basically an email (orContinue reading “Finally! The Real Truth About Queries”

On Writing: Write Awful

When most people think of writing, they associate it to writing an email or a letter: Articulate your thoughts, dot your i’s, and send it away to your adoring audience. That might be well and true for some writing forms, but not so for books. You don’t just get an idea, jot it down over a lengthContinue reading “On Writing: Write Awful”

On Writing: Force the Conversation

No matter how good of a planner you are, no matter how much you outline your novel, you’re going to get stuck at some point. Telling a writer that he’s/she’s going to inevitably hit a writer’s block is like telling a whale that it’s going to eventually get beached, no matter how hard it triesContinue reading “On Writing: Force the Conversation”